Ultimate Play Money Poker Software to Run and Manage Tournaments

Enterra, Inc offers world-class Casino Game. It can be completely customizable per customer’s request. Enterra Poker is a Client-Server application including 6 main components: Central System Server, Game Servers, Client Application, Administrative Program, System Site, Monitoring Program. There is also a Flash Client with a function of live communications between the players at a table.

Play Money Poker Benefits for Players:

  • Complete identity with Real Money Poker, except that poker is played for points (play money);
  • Players get acquainted with all the rules and strategies of various poker games and don’t lose money;
  • Excellent chance to practice Poker skills or just enjoy favorite card game;
  • Excellent chance to take part in real tournaments without losing money.

Play Money Poker Benefits for Owners:

  • Low start-up investment;
  • Customization of both Client and Server software to your needs and hardware requirements;
  • Flash and downloadable versions;
  • Design of a unique poker website using the latest technologies and tools;
  • Source code availability;
  • Custom software pack: get only those features you really need;
  • Easy to administrate poker room;
  • Detailed statistics;
  • 24/7 support and maintenance;
  • Saving your time, as we setup online poker software on your server within 2 days.
  • Incorporation of your private logo and your name for FREE

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Feel free to download demo version of Enterra Poker now and try it for play money on our game server.