Poker renting service | Lease Poker Software

For our customers' convenience and minimizing their risks on the first stage we offer the possibility of renting our system on beneficial terms.

We provide:

  • Hosting of the system on our servers. Full technical support
  • Installation and initial configuration of the system
  • New logo and title for client application, so you can have your own branding
  • Setting up of payment systems and other related services
  • Installation of website with possibility to choose one of design variants, changing of the logo and title. Full access to the content management system
  • Full access to system configuration, including settings for rake and payment systems

We offer various options for renting(lease), including:

  • Rent with a fixed monthly payment
  • Rent with monthly payments based on rake
  • Rent with option of license purchasing

The cost of monthly payment is calculated on the basis of initial fee and chosen scheme.

For further details please contact the Sales department.