Advanced Poker Software to run your Casino Business

Enterra offers its innovative and world-class version of extremely popular casino card game played throughout the world — internet Poker. Poker is probably the most intellectual game among all games of hazard and probably the most hazardous one among all intellectual games.

Enterra Poker is a platform for launching your branded online poker room. It is a client-server application offered in several versions: Flash version for playing poker in browser, Downloadable version, Social version for playing poker in social networks, Mobile version for various mobile platforms. It is already packed with a big number of features-and-tools and supports different game types — Texas holdem, Omaha holdem, Omaha for High Low, Seven cards stud, Seven cards stud for High Low, Deuce to Seven Triple Draw, Badugi, Razz, Badeucy, Badacey! Besides it has a stable backend (poker server software) and an excellent poker management tool (Poker Administration Panel). We provide turnkey poker software and you launch your business the day you purchased it!

You purchase Enterra Poker software without any royalties or post sale fees. As game producers we are open to discuss different purchase schemes with you. Once you buy a license for one server installation you will be able to independently run the software on your own server. Moreover as a software development company we can customize it for you right the way you desire. You can get an incredible player’s avatar, skin or any other desired feature. With us you can also get a unique website for your internet Poker. We are experienced in poker software development. Our internet poker software meets the demands of each Customer.

At Enterra Poker you can play for real or play money. Challenge yourself! Now with Enterra Poker software it becomes much easier to run your own Poker Business and to create your own Poker Imperia — the one you have always dreamt about!

As poker software developer we help you to create the most attractive offer for your players. You buy online poker software that meets current and future market demands and the needs of your poker players no matter how experienced they are. With our turnkey poker you can start a room for everyone from poker newbie to real gurus. You get more benefits with our white label poker license as our white label poker solution has been created for you.

Furthermore you can cut down your start-up expenses. Online venues, by contrast to conventional poker rooms, are dramatically cheaper because they have much smaller overhead costs. Thus you save more money buying our poker game software.

Poker Room Software

Our poker room software is attractive for everyone. It is really interactive and comfortable for poker players. Besides our poker soft have handy and powerful management tools for poker owners. Enterra poker is a turnkey poker solution — poker software for sale.

There is no better Poker software on the market at any price. It is carefully crafted software designed to perfect your Poker skills and make money at the tables. Feel free to read Enterra Poker use cases to see how you can employ the software and where it can bring you profits to. Buy it, use it, watch your play improve and earn money! Poker server is independently installed on your side. Buy Poker software and make your stable business grow.